The Anxiety Of A Millennial: A Poetry Compilation

By Samuel M. Mangold-Lenett
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The Anxiety of a Millennial

The Anxiety of a Millennial is a collection of poetry that captures the anxiety the millennial generation feels on a daily basis. This entire generation of young people has grown up without technology and with it; childhoods were filled with outdoor activities while adult life is spent with smart phones permanently attached to hands. Millennials constantly yearn for the sweet and simple days of childhood but have to progress with technological society or risk being left behind. That resentful yet begrudging acceptance is something that many people born in this generation recognize, along with resentment for the societal constructs to which they are expected to adhere. It is the authors hope that his readers come away with two very important things: a sense of empathy for others and the understanding that no persons burden is greater than anyone elses.

About the Author

Samuel M. Mangold-Lenett is a second year student at the University of Cincinnati. He is pursuing an undergraduate double-major degree in English Literature and Political Science. In his free time he can be found relaxing at local coffee shops and book stores.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 58