The Adventures Of The Frog And Snail

By Cody rd
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The Adventures of the Frog and Snail

Frog and Snail are best friends. Although they are different creatures, with very different personalities, they always manage to be there when they need each other.

Join Frog and Snail through their fun and warmhearted holiday experiences in The Adventures of the Frog and Snail. Their stories give readers of all ages the opportunity to remember their past holiday memories and understand the importance of friendship along the way.

About the Author:

Author Cody Byrd is seven years old. He and his sister were adopted by his great-grandparents. When they went shopping, his sister always wanted toys, but Cody always came home with a journal. He was five years old when he first became interested in writing; even though he could barely write his own name, he would always imagine writing like a grownup.

One day, Cody came home from his elementary school, Fairhope Elementary School in Fairhope, Alabama, and told his mother that he was going to write a book about the adventures of the Frog and the Snail. When he was finished, he gave copies to his teachers and made them t-shirts too. Soon, word spread to the assistant principal who was very surprised that a seven-year-old second grader could write. He and the other teachers wanted to share Codys story. With his familys help, Cody was able to become a published author. He hopes readers will be able to imagine a little boy talking about his friends, the Frog and the Snail.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 56