The Adventures Of Goldilocks And Baby Bear

By Linda Hepner
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The Adventures of Goldilocks and Baby Bear: What Happened Next

Illustrated by Barbara Mendes

Goldilocks and Baby Bear are both just turning five years old and become fast friends. He is drawn to her impulsive sense of curiosity and she to his warmth. In an idealized childhood near a forest they have frequent adventures, but are helped along by their friends, wild creatures, and even trees! The stories are a mix of childlike fantasies and real-life experiences which teach kindness, courage, and self-reliance.

About the Author

Linda Hepner grew up in England and these are some stories inspired by her early life with her cousins and country walks she took with her imaginative father.

These stories are only a handful of the many she has told to each of her American children and grandchildren. They are true tales, in a way, and so are the creatures who reenact some of the scenes from her life.

Linda thinks they are best read aloud, and she hopes the children listening will have lots of adventures of their own!

About the Illustrator

Barbara Mendes is a muralist, creator of “Comix” and the Queen of Cosmos series for Red 5 Comics.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 72