The 70Th Week

By Allen Moore
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Unlike other books on the end times, The 70th Week focuses on the timeline extracted through careful study of the Bible, specifically in the Scriptures found from Daniel, Thessalonians, and Revelation. Readers will see the major events marked out on an easy-to-read timeline with marked out days on the Jewish calendar. Some of the key events included are Christ’s standing on Mount Zion, the resurrection of the 144,000 martyred Jews, the torment of Satan, the rapture of the Bride, and many more.

About the Author

Allen E. Moore was born and raised in Mason City, Iowa. His father worked in a factory and suffered from bouts of depression throughout his life. When Moore was a senior in high school, he found his father had committed suicide. This tragic event led to Moore crying out to God to show Himself. Jesus heard his cry, and Moore came to know him as the Lord and Savior. He made a promise to teach God’s word, which he continues to do today. His passion lies in teaching of the end times, which led him to write The 70th Week. Moore is an active member of the evangelical Christian church and he and his wife Marilyn led many Bible study sessions in their own home and have aided in helping others find their calling. Moore was a blue-collar worker and is currently retired. His prayer is that all who read his book will find it to be a catalyst for their own study of the Bible end times.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 112