The 20Th Century You Never Knew

By Herman W. Reed
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The 20th Century You Never Knew

About the Book

Dr. Herman W. Reed gives a humorous account of what it was like to live in the early part of the twentieth century. His book will bring joy to senior citizens as it stimulates their memory bank. Younger people will appreciate learning customs and common terms that are no longer part of our present day vocabulary. Rotary telephones, drive-in theatres, doctors who make house calls, coal furnaces, and families gathered around radios instead of TVs—all of these and much more await readers who will experience either nostalgia or shock as the spirit of a time now past moves them in this highly readable and always interesting memoir.

About the Author

Dr. Herman W. Reed is a 1957 graduate of Pitcairn High School in Pennsylvania. He expected to one day take over his father’s grocery store business; however, God had a different path for his life. In 1965 he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. One year later he, his wife Charlotte, and their son Adam moved to Franklin/Middletown, Ohio, where he established his practice. Soon afterwards his second son, David, was born.

On September 20, 1968, Dr. Reed accepted Jesus as his personal savior and has since served as a Sunday school teacher, church trustee, and an original member of the first Middletown Christian School Board of Education.

Dr. Reed retired from practice in 2015. Since then, he has enjoyed writing books. His first book A Sinner in the Hands of a Loving God focuses on a miracle that saved his life after doctors gave up all hope for his survival.

Both of Dr. Reed’s books are sure to warm your heart.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 130