That Jumpy Rabbit

By Donna Ford
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About the Book

Children get stressed, too! Follow Jumpy Rabbit through the pages of Donna Ford’s That Jumpy Rabbit as he jumps around all morning. His is the typical fast-paced and jam-packed morning of a primary student, from waking to the ringing of the first school bell.

Jumpy Rabbit, moving so fast, has his friends and even the bus driver help him stay focused through breathing techniques. You and your child will learn to focus and de-stress just like Jumpy Rabbit does in this delightfully illustrated book. That Jumpy Rabbit is the perfect quick, enjoyable, and relaxing read for any pre-K through K and Special Needs (primary through 3rd-grader) student.

About the Author

Donna Ford was a substitute teacher for students K-Young Adult when she penned That Jumpy Rabbit. She acknowledges substituting taught her to live in the moment and to be in touch with the different layers of communication that exist in every situation. What she noticed most in working with youth was their bodies moving so very fast, leaving precious little time to take in the moment, thus That Jumpy Rabbit was born. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, and spending time with family.

Author’s Note: Oohmm hmmm is read deep breath in, pause, deep breath out. Enjoy the gift.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 30