Texas Bomber

By Ernest Francis Schanilec
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About the Book

Tom and Samantha Hastings, warm weather Minnesotans and winter Texans, are currently enjoying the balmy climate at Texas Palms Resort in Donna, Texas.

Their stay is interrupted by a stranger named Nick, who offers Tom a part-time job: ferrying oil tanker truckers from Texas Palms across the border to Progreso, Mexico, where they will set off on their run to Bloomington, Minnesota. Tom quickly accepts, but Samantha soon has concerns about the legitimacy of the job.

Her reservations deepen when first one man and then another are murdered at Texas Palms, blown up in their golf carts. Both men are far from being innocent victims. They seem to belong to a rival organization seeking to interfere with the company Tom works for.

The scenario is reminiscent of what Sammy saw in The Godfather, but will Tom listen to her concerns, or will he too meet a gruesome fate?

About the Author

Ernest Francis Schanilec began writing in the year 2000 after retiring from Dentistry in 1994. He has produced thirteen novels to date, including ten mystery-suspense and three historical fiction.

He takes pride in the fact that all his novels have good print and are written using clean language.

His latest novel, Texas Bomber, will soon be followed by his fourteenth: The Wall.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 282