Tell Me Mamma, Is Santa Claus Real?

By Lisa Schonewill
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It all started with an innocent question: Tell Me Mama, Is Santa Claus Real? The next thing Momma knew, the girls were firing all kinds of questions at her about things they had heard about the legendary gift-giving elf, such as where he really lives, how does he always know exactly what they want for Christmas, and does he really make and deliver all those toys or are those bubble-bursting kids in school right and the parents buy them? Complemented by charming illustrations, Lisa Schonewill has managed to combine fact with fiction, focusing on the reason behind the season the sharing of ourselves through gifts with others while encouraging the fanciful imagination of children. With tact, love, and tenderness, she has magically created a way for parents to address that age-old question that inevitably surfaces and demands an answer: Tell Me Mama, Is Santa Claus Real? ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Colorado, Lisa Schonewill and her husband, John, presently reside in Monument, where they are raising four children: Chad, Cliff, Katie, and Lindsay. In her spare time she enjoys art, quilting, music, and writing childrens books and poetry, as well as doing volunteer work.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 40