Tears Flowing From My Heart

By Violeta Shtjefni
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In this memoir, Violeta Shtjefni paints a picture of her life growing up in idyllic Shkodër, Albania—a childhood full of familial love, a strong community bond, and rich cultural traditions. However, after realizing that her family and Albania might not be fully giving her the support and respect she needs, Shtjefni decides to fight for passage to the United States, where she eventually becomes a citizen. Her story is about fighting for your place in this world and finding where you truly belong.

About the Author

Violeta Shtjefni was born in Shkodër, Albania and eventually moved to the U.S. where she currently resides. She is the proud mother of two sons, Nikolin and Lidon. She has a strong faith in God and an optimistic attitude, believing that there’s always a reason to smile.

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