Table For One

By Kevin J. Wilson
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About the Book

Table for One tells a wonderful story about the love between a mother, son, and food, and how the bond and memories among those three things relate to everybody and can never be broken. It also shows how the money in your wallet is no factor when your food is cooked with love.

This book takes you on lifes journey, starting out in a very poor neighborhood all the way up to dining at fine restaurants as an adult. It shows how there isnt much difference between wealth and poverty, and it also discusses author Kevin J. Wilsons lifetime battle with depression and the loss of the people he loved.

Table for One was written after Kevins brother and sister died young and unexpectedly from two different things in the same week right before Christmas. He was determined to turn the grief he had into a positive, and thus the book was written. It pays tribute to the great lives that they lived and also sends a positive message of hope to others who may be going through the same things. Kevin hopes to reach out to other people who may be battling the same thing and show them they can have loss and tragedy and still keep going.

About the Author

Kevin J. Wilson grew up in a very poor area in Philadelphia. His love for food inspired him to start a food blog website (, which had about three hundred restaurant reviews on it and a good following. He currently works overnight security for the Hilton Hotel and considers himself an expert at dining out.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 112