Surface Talk: The Adventures Of The Fish Family

By V. M. Crutcher
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In the deceptively crafted Surface Talk: The Adventures of the Fish Family, readers will be happy to discover that the Fish family is a glittering example of how Christians should conduct their lives decently without the trappings of false superiority.

First, there is Daddy Fish, exemplifying the virtues of being a solid head of the family, well versed in the principles of upholding justice as a matter of his profession, but without sacrificing the considerations of our very own humanity.

Then there is the equally convincing Momma Fish, the exact complement to her husband, who instills both empathy and just that right amount of tough mentality to deal with the harsher realities of living.

Considering the narratives witty exposition to dispel any notion that this is another holier-than-thou production, this book should be bound for the success it fully deserves.

About the Author

V. M. Crutcher is an attorney running her own law firm. She represents people regarding social security disability and criminal law. V. M. Ginny is also a singer and a songwriter. She loves to create and swim. She is a native of Ripley, Tennessee.

About the Illustrator

M. M. Stoots is an artist and school teacher. Marty is the niece of V. M. Crutcher and a native of Brownsville, Tennessee.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 44