Successence: The Essence Of Success

By George Germain
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Peoples ultimate objective in life is success, whether it be in love, education, career, or the totality of their existence. However, success often is elusive and sometimes tricky to maintain.

Successence: The Essence of Success is a well-organized book that details information on how to hit the target of success. Some people rely on mere luck or wishing upon a star, but according to George L. Germain, luck, in fact, is the intersection of preparation and opportunity, whereas success is the end result of paramount commitment, persistence, repetition of mindset, knowledge, skills, attitudes, continuous learning, and unswerving desire and actions to make success happen.

Germain includes assessment sheets in this book that will allow his readers their own personal evaluation of the track they are now on towards success. These assessments can help them thoroughly systematize their aspirations and activities for continuing success.

Learn more and achieve more by applying these five key action steps: 1) Can Do, 2) To Do, 3) Will Do, 4) Do, and 5) Don't Quit! Put these guidelines to work, and they will go to work for your growth, development, and success.

About the Author

George L. Germain was born in Bay City, Michigan. He is married to Luella M. Germain and they are blessed with three children: Larry, Rick, and Twyla. George obtained a degree in psychology from Central Michigan College and earned his masters degree, also in psychology, from the University of Detroit. He is a retired management consultant. Aside from this book, he has contributed chapters and coauthored books on communication skills, supervisory skills, safety, loss control, and effective management.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 44