Still Too Long, Long Away

By Frederick H. Damaske
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About the Book

This poignant and profound collection of poems gives voice to a usually taciturn member of contemporary society: the noncustodial father. Edgy yet lyrical, contemporary yet timeless, these verses describe with heartbreaking accuracy the innocence and naivete of young children who dont understand why Daddy cant be with them all the time. The fathers message is an unblinking attempt to prepare his children for the hard lessons they will undoubtedly encounter as they grow older. As he laments his childrens unfulfilled wishes to spend more time with him, he assures his children that his love and spirit will always be with them, even though he is not.

About the Author

Frederick Hans Damaske II lives in San Diego where he works as an HIV prevention counselor. He is married to Lynn Estelle and has four children: Fred III, Mychelle, Derik, and Erik. In his spare time, he enjoys writing and playing chess.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 48