Stella, The Stealthy, Stellar Squirrel In Spartanasha

By Dr. S.V. Gonsalves-Domond
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Stella, the Stealthy, Stellar Squirrel in Spartanasha weaves the narrative of an industrious, conscientious, albino squirrel that in performing individual acts of preparation for the upcoming winter, simultaneously engages in tangible acts of compassion during a neighbor’s emergency burrow flooding. She uses her generative, imaginative intelligence, coupled with sheer ingenuity, to fashion a tool to assist her in achieving what has now emerged and shifted into collective survival goals. The book generously builds vibrant vocabulary, promotes the power and high-value of interconnections, and accelerates the joys of alliterations.

About the Author

Dr. S.V. Gonsalves-Domond is a full-time academician, educator, and children’s book author. Her first book is entitled, Alliterative Animals: A to Z, and has been officially adopted by the Ministry of Education in Liberia for primary and lower grade level pupils. Additionally, she has been a mental health consultant for Head Start programs for several decades, provided direct interventions to special needs children and their families, and has successfully procured federal grants for underserved communities. Dr. Gonsalves-Domond is a published academic author, sits on an editorial board, poet, conference presenter, book reviewer, workshop leader, a Visiting Professor at John Cabot University in Italy in 2021, and a Nippon Foundation Fellow at the Japanese Studies Institute at San Diego State University in summer 2022. She enjoys reading, singing, listening to music, watching movies, museum-visiting, traveling, writing poetry, and going to the theatre. Dr. Gonsalves-Domond shares her home with her family’s rescue dog, Viking.

About the Illustrator

Nazrin Farook is a Print, Pattern, and Textile Designer based in New York City. Originally from the United Kingdom, Nazrin graduated with a B.A. (Honors) in Fashion, Textile Design, and Business Studies from the University of Brighton, UK. She went on to gain invaluable training in the design industry in Paris before starting her career in textile design. Since then, she has achieved a distinguished reputation for her portfolio of innovative designs for children’s products, bedding, home goods, paper/giftwrap, and the greeting card industries in the United States. She is represented by The Brooklyn Nest LLC, a Design Studio located on the waterfront of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Having become a true New Yorker, Nazrin continues to gain inspiration from her travels and everything New York City has to offer.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 56

Customer Reviews

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Susan Dannemiller
Fun, Vocabulary Rich, Children's Book

Stella's adventures spark curiosity and excitement as children follow along in her daily life in Spartanasha. The book is filled with incredible vocabulary that helps to expand children's knowledge while reading the fun story. The author has included a glossary, and a set of questions to help give teachers/caregivers thoughtful ways to further engage children in the story.

Dr. Chinni

Dr. Gonsalves-Domond achieves literary excellence again in her latest children's tale, Stella, the Stealthy,
Stellar Squirrel in Spartanasha. The author's unique compositional abilities magically captivate her young
audience through the alliterative quill, inspiring fantastical characters, and deliberately vivid vocabulary.
Creatively told through the adventures of a human-like squirrel, the story offers valuable life lessons on the importance of perseverance, resilience, ingenuity, collaboration, and compassion.
Stella, the Stealthy, Stellar Squirrel in Spartanasha beautifully demonstrates the power of imagination in the observations of our everyday lives. Nazrin Farook's vivid illustrative interpretations naturally complement Dr. Gonsalves-Domond's adept story-telling, providing all readers a sentimental escape of
times gazing in awe at the genius that exists in the world of backyard animals.
Stella, the Stealthy, Stellar Squirrel in Spartanasha must have a place on the shelf of every elementary
classroom library...and your child's bedside table!