By Atifa Rahman
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About the Book

Poetry is a medium of art that offers solace to the soula safe haven giving peace of mind, tranquility of thought, serenity of contemplation, and harmony in dissonance. Today, we live in a world where a calamity-stricken situation receives extravagant publicity instead of assistance; where a grieving individual welcomes likes on social media instead of words of consolation; where just a click keeps adding new friends to your list who are never there when you need them; and where uninvited comments produce critics, stealthily robbing away emotions such as sympathy, empathy, consideration, solicitude, regard, and so on.

Solace seeks to provide readers comfort in varying states of affairs; it is simply an epitome of emotions, an embodiment feelings and personification of sensibilities, which gives an essence of divinity of faith, of purity of love, of assurance and unpredictability of life, of magnificence of beauty, of wholesomeness of friendship, and of consolation in death. It pours out feelings in a way that whoever gets hold of any piece of this collection would not find escape from its relatedness.

About the Author

Atifa Rahman began writing poetry when she was in her late teens. While her parents had initially hoped that she would become a doctor, Rahman desired to study literature and pursed her interests, obtaining a masters degree in English Literature. Currently, Rahman is employed as the Editorial Director at Bentham Science Publishers and she also serves as Coordinator for Biotech Conferences in Dubai. Though Rahman began writing to satisfy her cravings for composition, 12 years of working with aspiring writers has inspired her to publish her own work. She is optimistic that Solace will reach out to readers by providing just that, touching their lives and making a place deep in their hearts.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 52