By Coletta Lahey
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About the Book

Snickers by Coletta Lahey is an intriguing story of some other worldly events that take place in a small, tight-knit town, where everyone knows everyone else. Young Tom and Ryan are best friends who are amazed to find themselves the primary participants in a mystical, secret life no one would ever expect to exist in this simple, quiet community. This world of underground life and adventure is known only to them and Mrs. Snickers, who guides them on this magical journey.

This is an ethereal tale, which helps the reader to understand the premise of some priceless family values, responsibility, kindness, and empathy for others missing in so many areas of our world today. The hope is that our young people will grow to identify with Ryan and Tom and recognize things that they, too, can do to make this world a better place.

About the Author

Mrs. Lahey continues on with her education and her journey through her writing. She believes that, it is just as important to enjoy lifes journey as it is to reach ones goals. She is presently working on the next installment of Snickers.

When not writing, she enjoys reading and studying with friends. Her educational journey has provided her with much gratification over the years. While her greatest joy is quality time with her family and friends, she also enjoys museums, travel, and boating.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 60