Show And Tell

By Anita Price
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About the Book

Cooper does not understand why Mum and Dad are not able to bring his new baby sister home from the hospital. Show and Tell: Baby Rattle explains a very difficult and tragic subject—a stillborn baby—in an engaging way. Cooper tries looking for the baby and wants to plan a trip to check that the baby is in heaven with Granddad.

Author Anita Price hopes that sharing her personal experience with a stillborn daughter will benefit parents and children alike. She wants readers to understand that children are more resilient than we think and as a parent, we may worry more than is necessary. Children take things in their stride and bounce back.

There are more than 15 books in the series all aimed at junior school children. Price has also written Katie Price MAD, She Really Made a Difference which is a positive and uplifting book about this experience for adults.

About the Author

Anita Price lives by the sea in Pembrokeshire. She loves spending time with her husband in their motor home, just relaxing and writing. Steven Cunningham, Anita’s husband illustrates all of her books. 

Published: 2017
Page Count: 30