She Faces Her Enemy

By Sharleen Daugherty
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About the Book

She faces her enemy, the second book of the Double Doll series, is a tale about taking chances, starting over and over again as the author moves through life finding success, joy and unexpected obstacles. It is about love and trust and betrayal and resentment and, as the title notes, facing the roadblocks that the universe puts in our way. One of the memoir’s central themes, a narrative thread that will resonate with many readers, is that whether our enemies are outside forces, ghosts, memories from our past, or dysfunctional elements of our own psyche, none of us has to face them alone.

About the Author

Sharleen Daugherty, like the “double doll,” has turned her life upside down multiple times. She left New Mexico in 1959 and moved east, eventually owning a computer consulting business in Pennsylvania. By 1994, Daugherty has moved back to the Southwest and started a company that promoted Navajo artisans. The latest turn came in 2005 when Sharleen became a published author.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 228