Shattered Peace

By Robert Wolff
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In a universe that is almost always at war, a team of some of the most elite soldiers from the United States fights both on and off the battlefield for survival. They are the Spartans. Austin, the leader of the Spartans and Spartan Team 1, along with his wife and second-in-command, Sarah, and several other characters, fight to keep the team safe against their numerous enemies at home and abroad. The Spartans are unique not only because of their impressive combat skills but also because they have a mutation that keeps their bodies from ever aging, so they’ve been through the hell of war more times than anyone deserves to—constantly facing the threat of falling in the line of duty or being assassinated while at home.

In Shattered Peace, as Team 1 completes mission after mission, a growing threat soon emerges and puts all their lives, along with the lives of all American soldiers, at risk. This unknown threat seems to know every move the team will make even before they do. Surviving the unknown threat while simultaneously facing the horrors of war will push Team 1 to their limits.

About the Author

Robert Wolff is twenty-five years old, born and raised in Minnesota, and recently moved to South Carolina. He has always been an avid reader of science fiction and military fiction, ranging from Star Wars to Tom Clancy’s works. Wolff receives inspiration from movies, books, video games, and TV, which he then uses to help create ideas for books. Outside of reading, Wolff loves to play video games, write ideas for books for fun, go to the range, and just relax. Since high school, he has been working on Shattered Peace on and off and only recently decided to take his book to the next level.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32