Shades Of Blue

By T.D. Moore, Sr.
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Shades of Blue is a riveting collection of poetry that traverses T.D. Moore, Sr.s multiple stages of life. As a communicator, Moore was given the nickname Blue, and he utilizes the concept of Blue throughout his poetry. Moore articulately expounds upon love, romance, wisdom, healing, poverty, and many other meaningful subjects. This intimate collection exposes Moores inner being in a raw and touching light.

About the Author

T.D. Moore, Sr., works for homeland security with the United States Government and currently lives in Hampton, Virginia. He has two children, Cherita C. and T.D. Moore II. T.D. belongs to the American Veterans Association and in his spare time enjoys scuba diving, recording, writing, antiques, restoring cars, and biking. He has previously published the article Caving in Okinawa in Entrepreneur Magazine; this is his first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 80