Serial Killers Identified By Their Handwriting: A Look At 10 Of The Worst

By John Racher
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Serial killers have fascinated the public for decades, sparking a myriad of discussions on their psychological make up, but rarely do we see the subject of handwriting come into the conversation. In this book, certified graphologist John Racher takes a deep dive into the handwriting of the world’s most notorious serial killers and makes illuminating observations into the connection between handwriting and certain personality traits that predispose violence. Possessing these traits, such as a high level of anger and resentment, does not necessarily make one a killer, but as Racher’s research will show, the key to a killer’s personality lies in their handwriting.

About the Author

John Racher became a certified graphologist (IGAS) in 1983 and has published a number of articles in The Graphologist, the journal of the British Institute of Graphologists. He was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, has an Honors BSc (Microbiology) from the University of Guelph and an MBA from Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario. He also has advanced certification in medical laboratory technology.

As a medical laboratory management specialist, John has worked as a consultant across Canada and in the USA, England, Qatar and Kuwait. Since his retirement from medical laboratory management, he has developed a handwriting analysis service specializing in the detection and assessment of untrustworthy and anti-social behavioral traits.

John is married and lives in Cambridge, Ontario with his wife Cindy Lou and their two golden retrievers, Ruby and Lewis.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 212