By Nancy Lee
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Secrets is the magical tale of a witch/queen dragon and the ups and downs of her life. She falls in love with a witch. It shows how people can overcome their obstacles to find love. It shows all different types of animals, fairies, and pixies, and other items that get along with one another if we stop and understand what each one is about and listen to them to find out they are the same as humans. They love, hurt, and laugh.

Secrets teaches us that with everything that is going on with the world, we need to stop, listen to each other, and show love and compassion.

About the Author

Nancy Lee is a retired disabled nurse. She was a nurse for thirty-five years. She has two sons, who are married, and four granddaughters. Nancy has overcome a lot in her life, the biggest being dyslexia. She believes everyone can accomplish their dreams.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 144