Seasoned With Fire

By T. M. Douglas
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Seasoned with Fire: Being Sensitive to the Shifts of the Seasons in the Spirit came about as T. M. Douglas was trying to figure out why certain experiences in her life were happening. She found her answers in the Word of God, where she read how others in the Bible had experienced the very same things. She found out that just as we have natural seasons, we also experience spiritual seasons. This lead Douglas to delve deeper to discover what these seasons are, how they are defined biblically, and she prayed for discernment to determine these shifts in the seasons in the life of the believer.

Douglas came to know that these times that we go through last for only a season. This book is a candid account of her experiences, explaining how others in the Bible have also had wilderness seasons and barren seasons. So when you go through them, you are in good company, knowing that you are not alone and the situation will not last forever. Be patient and know that your faith will carry you through each season you have in your life.

About the Author

T. M. Douglas is an author, nurse, and missionary in Buffalo, New York, where she resides with her husband, Reginald, and two beloved dogs, Sasha and Lola. She is the stepmother of four wonderful adults, Shauntel, Alysha, Elizabeth, and Elijah. She attends church at the Chapel and serves with the Shine Middle School Ministry. She also serves annually in Haiti in conjunction with the Chapel and Mission of Hope Haiti.

Douglas has served in ministry for almost 20 years in the areas of missions, evangelism, intercession, pastoral care, health ministry, keeping watch discipleship ministry, college ministry, children’s ministry, adjutancy/armor bearer ministry, and singles ministry. She has served in missions in St. Vincent and the Grenadine Islands as well as in Haiti.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 154