School Days: Neither Dotheboys Hall Nor Tom Brown's

By Michael Frost
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School Days Neither Dotheboys nor Tom Brown’s follows author Michael Frost’s journey through the British educational system in the 1960’s, from elementary schools to appointments on worldwide cargo ships.

This book is the preamble to Frost’s previous work “Voyages to Maturity, Seven Years before the Mast with P&O”, published in 2019.

This story describes the world of British boarding schools, nautical training, and the ‘toughening’ role that these institutions saw as their strength. Frost hopes to portray the message that schoolboys not only survive, but flourish after an almost uniquely British path towards education.

About the Author

Michael Frost was born in the UK; after spending his younger years in the British educational system, he spent seven years with a leading British Shipping company, circumnavigating the world four times.

In 1969, he moved to Canada, where he married and practiced as a lawyer in B.C. He enjoyed a life engaged in civil litigation until his retirement in 2014. He has two sons and five grandchildren, all flourishing … but certainly unlikely to want to follow in the path of their patriarch.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 204