By Ayman Haroun
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Set in A.D. 2250, ROKYMON is the story of Chris and his inner-galactic adventures. After meeting Eroca, Rex, and Trian, the four new friends form the ROKYMON (Really Organized Keen Young Men of Nonesville) team. Their mission: save the universe from the evil Dravolo. With the aid of his friends Sara and Lavan and the many helpful creatures that the ROKYMON team befriend throughout their adventures, Chris and the rest of the ROKYMON team are able to work together to face the many challenges they encounter while trying to defend themselves against the evils of the universe.

About the Author

On his eleventh birthday, Ayman Haroun began work on ROKYMON, which he finished on his twelfth birthday. So far, he has written three more books, ready for publishing. Now in high school, Haroun is an active member of the Future Business Leaders of America. During his spare time, he enjoys writing, drawing, swimming, and soccer.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 132