Roadmap For Life Paradigm: A Paradigm For The Process Of Change

By Thunderheart
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About the Book

In 1992 Thunderheart was working one night when the voice of Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus of Nazareth) spoke to him to read a section in the Bible. Through life experiences, searching the truth, he came to understand what Yeshua wanted him to understand. The authors original intention was to learn about business, but instead he ended up learning a paradigm process of change that everyone, regardless of their background in life, goes through. He tested this process in his own life, in his doctoral studies, and in examining how other people live. He found that he could fit any idea, concept, or other change concepts that other authors wrote about into the Roadmap for Life Paradigm. He came to the realization that if he dies tomorrow and begins life again as a child, he would go through this Roadmap for Life Paradigm process all over again! That is how powerful this teaching is! His inner Being pushed the drive to know the truth to the uttermost limits and to seek understanding that enabled him to develop a cohesive means of teaching this paradigm.

Roadmap for Life Paradigm delves into the self-realization of the processes of change that a person goes through in their lifetime. It brings from the subconscious the process already at work to conscious awareness so that the reader can live an intentional life that leads toward a nonjudgmental egoless way of knowing, understanding, and remembering.

About the Author

Thunderheart was born in Big Sky Country, where the Rocky Mountains make their snake path towards the North, beckoning wisdom to be born anew. Bilaterally deaf due to CRS (Congenital Rubella Syndrome), he attended public schools from first grade in Malta, Montana, to graduating from Safford High in Safford, Arizona. He first learned sign language in college while attending the University of Arizona, transferred to Gallaudet College (later a university), and met his soulmate, Sarah, during the junior year at Gallaudet. He earned his BS in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2006; MS in Information Systems from the University of Phoenix in 2007; and entered in the doctoral program (2008-2011) at the University of Phoenix, focusing on Management in Organizational Leadership. His dissertation is pending. His current focus is business development through FalconOcean LLC dba Thunderheart Oregon, a paradigm community integration project (

Thunderheart presently lives in Portland, Oregon.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 74