Road Rage

By Gennaro Lombardi           
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We all know how stressful driving can be at times, but some of us know how to control our frustration. For others, the Road Ragers, the struggle can be a bit more difficult.

Author Gennaro Lombardi knows all too well what it’s like to be a Road Rager. He explains his real-life struggle in many different and in-depth ways, showing just how serious road rage can be and what causes it. In a motivational and comedic style, Road Rage: at Its Finest helps Road Ragers learn about road rage so we can beat this issue.

About the Author

Gennaro Lombardi is an Italian American kid from Northern New Jersey. He grew up in one of the smallest towns in New Jersey and he grew up in one of the smallest bodies—5’5” height, 155 pounds, but he certainly had one of the biggest attitudes when it came to certain things, as do most hotheaded Italians with a size complex.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 256