Riley's Mission

By Karla M. Wood
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Riley's Mission

Why should we brush our teeth? What happens to all the teeth? Is there just one fairy or are there thousands? Where does the coin come from? How does the coin get under the pillow? Why dont we wake up? These and many more are the questions Hunter hopes to find the answers to if he can just stay awake

Riley is ready for his solo flight. Hes memorized the chants and practiced his home-entry skills. His possibles bag bulges with silver. He cant wait to collect as many teeth as possible. He really wants to win the end of year competition and healthy teeth are in high demand for the kingdom

Join Hunter and Riley as the tale of the tooth fairy is told.

About the Author

Karla Wood is a transplanted Yankee being born in Vermont, growing up in Winthrop, Maine through high school, and living for nearly twenty years now in Waynesville, North Carolina where her friends tease her that she has become ASAP, As Southern As Possible. Karla earned her Bachelors degree in psychology with the honor of distinguished military graduate from The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. Upon graduation, she was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Army. Later, Karla attended law school at the Appalachian School of Law, graduating sixth in her class. She is currently a practicing attorney and yes, she passed the North Carolina Bar on the first try! Phew!

Published: 2013
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