Righteous Rage

By Wil Wren
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Kathleen Chisos is about to embark on a career as an FBI agent when her future is destroyed by the senseless killings of her husband and daughter. Filled with overwhelming anger and a desire for revenge, Chisos needs a new path.

GCA, run by Seth Ibrahim and supported by the worlds religious leaders, has a single mission: eradicate child predation. Chisos is assigned to investigate the discovery of severed child hands.

Ibrahim must seek justice at the Tribunal of Conscience a mysterious panel of religious clerics who will bring justice when legal courts fail. Pure-hearted and dogmatic, the Tribunal mindfully dispenses Gods penance, but once the Panel votes their decision cannot be overruled ever.

Chisos is getting close and is ready for justice. But are the people around her prepared for the final cost?

About the Author

Wil Wren is insatiably curious, strongly principled and passionately opinionated. A man with many talents, hes been a military spec ops officer, carpenter, avionics technician, computer engineer, and an investor in people. Righteous Rage is his first published novel, soon to be followed by Serax Delusions.

When not at home in Texas, Wil and his wife travel the US and Canada in their motor home making their own adventures and researching Wils next novel.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 384