Rex Morgan And The Mysterious Woman

By Fredrick T. Mobley
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Rex Morgan is a man with a long history of fighting crime and bringing the perpetrators to justice hes worked with the CIA and the FBI, and now is on his own as a private investigator. Peggy Lausanne a.k.a. Anne Towers is a woman who likewise has a past, only hers is on the other side of the law. She used to be a part of a powerful criminal organization, which is now after her.

Put all these intriguing pieces together and you have a combustible mix which can only conclude with Fredrick T. Mobleys exciting new puzzler. Is Anne on the level? Can Rex count on her? Can they both save themselves from the organization? Read Rex Morgan and the Mysterious Woman and you will find out!

About the Author

Fredrick T. Mobley lived on a farm as a child with his parents and sister doing chores like feeding the livestock, plowing, and getting big black pots ready for washing clothes on wash day. Later the family moved to Flint, where his father got a job at General Motors. Fredrick followed him, working on the line and later in inspection at the automaker. After 34 years there he retired.

Today Frederick still lives in Michigan, pursuing his avocations of making things with craft sticks and writing.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 166