Revenge Is Mine

By Malcolm John Baker
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Revenge is Mine (HB Version)

Revenge Is Mine leads the reader into a U.S. drone attack, following a White House decision, on two Islamic State Army Generals who are brothers in Iraq. The men escape but their families are killed, and the U.S. Government thinks they have killed the soldiers. They fund the two brothers, who want to attack the U.S. for revenge, and they are also given false passports, then join the refugee route via Greece and through Europe, encouraged by Germany, with many adventures en route, including arrest and escape, murder, and an earthquake.

The government arranges to capture the brothers, which turns out to be an FBI counterplot. Treachery exists on their side from helpers.

Revenge Is Mine is realistic and fits in with the current situation in Europe and the U.S.

About the Author

Malcolm John Baker was born in Salisbury, England, in 1945. He is by trade a Chartered Surveyor, now retired and living in Florida with his wife, Linda, and dog, Lauren. He has a son and daughter living in England with their four grandchildren. Writing only came to him in recent years, following many years of travel.

Malcolm has always had an interest in people and, while all of his books are fiction, they have links to current affairs and history. Many of his personal views are expressed in the books, so it is up to the reader whether they agree.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 166