Return To St. Simons

By Carol Ashmore
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Skillfully blending elements of romance, faith, and friendship, Carol Ashmore tells a bittersweet story of love lost and found in Return to St. Simons. Following the death of her husband, Christine Williams decides to leave her Florida home to move to St. Simons Island, located off the coast of Georgia. She and her husband had visited the area numerous times and Christine had fallen in love with the town, a life on her own and focus on her aspirations of becoming a writer. After finding a place to call home, she begins to explore her new surroundings in earnest and quickly strikes up friendships with another writer named Myra and a man named Sam. She meets Sam in a craft store as they are both buying materials to participate in a local craft show. Christine and Sam quickly become close, enjoying many good times on the island. However, there is a note of discord Christine is determined to maintain her moral convictions, while Sam is just as determined to bend her to his needs and desires. Who will win this war of wills? Touching, inspirational, and entertaining, Return to St. Simons subtly imparts a message of individuality as it captures a readers attention with vivid descriptions, detail, and photographs.

About the Author

Carol Ashmores affinity for island spots started in the 1960s when she began a book about Cedar Key, Florida. Twenty years later, she discovered St. Simons Island and has maintained a fondness for its beauty, history, and cultural atmosphere. A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Mrs. Ashmore has lived in Florida for most of her life. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida with a bachelor of science degree in business education. She elected to be a full-time mother to three children. At home she also became a magazine article writer and a published poet. She has won two essay contests, and has written and edited a weekly Bible class newsletter. Mrs. Ashmore enjoys a love of literature, theater, and the sea coast. She and her husband of twenty-nine years are frequent vacationers at St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Published: 2001
Page Count: 77