Reminiscenes 3 De Maria Castrillon, Longas

By Maria O. Longas
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Reminiscenes 3 de Maria Castrillión, Longas

About the Book

Since I could not think

What I had ordered,

That now had arrived.

His appearance was close

Very close to me…

It was an Angel

With the face of a prince.

Then, I thought of the person

I had met at the Christmas gathering.

This Angel was incredible.

His entire body was covered

With alleluia of bright

And diverse colors.

Now he is resting by my bed,

And sends me the peace

I desperately need.

This whimsical collection of poetry, Reminiscences 3, shows us the great compassion and love from author María Castrillón, Longas. Journey with her through her sensations and life experiences.

About the Author

María Castrillón, Longas began writing poetry when she was fifteen years old. She moved to the United States. She has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. Presently, she is a professor in chemistry.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 84