Rearview Perspective

By Dr. Vincent Conville
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Orphaned at an early age in his native Jamaica, Dr. Conville looks back on a life beset with obstacles he managed to overcome to become a successful educator.

Rearview Perspective follows his story as he wandered from pillar to post, exploited and abused by family and strangers alike. Through determination, hard work, and a few caring educators, he broke free from the chains of poverty to become a passionate educator who inspired his so-called underprivileged students to appreciate their innate value and ability and to strive to realize their potential. Dedicating himself to a life of service, Dr. Conville hopes his story will serve as an inspiration to others, especially his grandchildren: there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome; where there is a will, there is indeed a way.

Dr. Vincent Conville, a retired widower, now lives in Aurora, Ontario where he delights in “schmoozing” with his neighbours as he takes his daily walk. A tireless volunteer, his dedication to uplifting others continues to be his main focus, but he also makes time to talk politics, to tend his garden, and to feed the birds that stop by to frolic in the backyard birdbath. Music is still a huge part of his life, and singing in his church choir is one of the great joys of his life. His greatest pleasure, however, comes from his interaction with family: talking to his sister, Vashti, dining in or out with his children and grandchildren, or just spending quality time with them.


The "haunting' image of Dr. Conville's mother breaking stones with a hammer to food on the table for her children and Dr. Conville and his sister also hammering away at the stones to help their mother finish the task, embodies the life of this great and inspirational teacher. This is a book on the relentless determination of young Vincent Conville, rising above life's seemingly endless challenges from his childhood in Jamaica to become, among other things, a profoundly successful teacher in Ontario, Canada. I had the honor of being his 6th grade student. Dr. Conville's teaching methods and care taught me how to unleash the creative spirit within me, motivating and inspiring me to develop the art of storytelling. Part of that development comes from persistence, and unyielding determination, along with faith. His book will inspire others, as his 6th grade class inspire me, to become the best and most creative and productive version of myself. Kudos. A book that honors a life well lived, because it's a life and career that touched the lives of so many others.

Billy Phillips
The Toon Studio

Published: 2021
Page Count: 152