Real Cab Stories

By Tom Frias
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About the Book

It's here! Finally, what you have been waiting for has arrived. Real cab stories from a real cab driver. For your enjoyment, author Tom Frias has hand-selected these unique stories from 166,000 personal experiences. Alternately hilarious and tragic, Real Cab Stories covers all the bases: out-of-control bachelorette parties and shady businessmen, strip clubs and prostitutes, casino jackpots and unlucky accidents, all told with the wit and sincerity of someone whos seen it all. In Las Vegas, anything can happenand half of it happens in the cab.

Ranging from the wild to the hilarious, the lucky to the unlucky, there's a favorite story waiting here for you. Which one is yours?

About the Author

Tom Frias lives and drives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before moving to the Entertainment Capital of the World and taking up cab-driving, Frias worked as a shirt salesman in Redondo Beach, California, for the Manhattan Shirt Co., handling the entire Southwest Region. Originally from Langley, Virginia, and raised in California, Frias spends most of his time restoring cars, playing drums, maintaining properties, and writing down the wild stories from his years as a cab driver.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 136