Queen Leah: An African-American Fairy Tale: A Career Educator's Positive Visual Image Reading Enhancement Guide (Little Princess Heritage Version)

By Joyce Louise Killebrew, B.A. M.A.T.
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Queen Leah: An African-American Fairy Tale A Career Educator's Positive Visual Image Reading Enhancement Guide (Little Princess Heritage Version)

The time has come for this book. We are living in a world where people lack respect for others. Our beautiful, black-skinned young girls need positive visual images. For 401 years, black-skinned people have been debased, denigrated, and disgraced. Now, it is time for all people to be respected. Many black-skinned people have been affected emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually by the horrid ways we have been treated in the land of our birth. The tale of Queen Leah and the lessons from her story are an inspiration for the Queen Leah competition to celebrate young, black-skinned girls for being inspirational, positive, and strong role models for the generations to come.

About the Author

Joyce Louise Killebrew, B.A. M.A.T., a former college instructor, is a career educator with an extensive background in educational pedagogies, linguistic methodologies, and innovative teaching strategies. A recognized instructor of language arts and reading improvement programs, she currently serves as vice president of Education and Culture Association, Incorporated. She, along with the president of Education and Culture, Selena Horace-Hoffman, a promoter of Liberian History and Culture, seek to infuse African and African American cultures into the mainstream of American culture.

Launched in 1998, Mrs. Killebrew’s educational materials and programs are created to fill the needs of diverse cultures in The United States of America and the world. She is a community activist who served on ACORN'S PANEL which endorsed former DC Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly and Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Mrs. Killebrew is a descendant of Reverend Lott Carey, the first black missionary to Africa.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 38