Quantum Religion

By Randolph Anthony Lark
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Quantum Religion explores the connection between science and religion, which for thousands of years has been impossible to decipher until our modern era. Christians today are seeking solid substance to base their faith upon. Working with modern science, Randolph Anthony Lark replaces the word faith with the word fact through critical analysis connecting both disciplines. Readers will come to know of God and Heaven’s existence with an in-depth look through the history of science and religion up until our twenty-first century understanding of the two and what new discoveries may await us in the next.

About the Author

Randolph Anthony Lark comes from a family of ten children, arriving into the world in October of 1951. After being trained in fundamental and technical analysis, Lark went on to provide an analytical approach to problem solving to the facts behind religion. Through Quantum Religion, the goal is clear: prove God’s existence. His incredible thirst for knowledge and the wisdom acquired led him to now share his findings with the world and he prays all readers gain great insight and a renewed faith through fact through his work.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 458