Purple Passionflower

By Roddie Lee Kingsfield
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Author Roddie Lee Kingsfield, M.Ed, a trans woman, has struggled with abuse, harassment, and discrimination for most of her life. In her book, Purple Passionflower The Path to Becoming a Powerful Trans Peace Warrior, we see great examples of transgender empowerment through the eyes of her own life.

The book covers a number of issues important to all trans people and the trans community. We readers can understand that, more and more, the LGTBQ community and straight men and women the world over are rapidly expanding their respect and support for trans men, women, and children.

About the Author

As a trans woman, Roddie Lee Kingsfield, M.Ed has been fully out for over a year now. She has always had a deep passion for becoming an author, and now she is one. She worked for thirty years as a government social worker and family wellness therapist.

Roddie’s first book, Purple Passionflower, comes out in the summer of 2018, and she has three more on the way.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 126