Psycho Chicken Or The Day The Chicken Clucked

By Sante Centofanti
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About the Book

What would it take for a domestic farm animal to turn savage? Humans have been consuming meat for centuries. It’s the circle of life. But have we ever considered the other side of the story?

Psycho Chicken or The Day the Chicken Clucked is a dark but humorous tale about what finally happens when the chickens have had enough.

About the Author

Sante Centofanti was raised on a large farm growing crops. The only pets they had were edible, e.g. chicken and pigs. With little television and being shy, he would spend time with the chickens and imagine stories like a child would with toy soldiers. Now with children of his own and living in the city, he keeps the animal stories alive by telling them as bedtime stories. There is freedom in telling such animal stories to children as they relate to an animal’s character, not by race. It can teach them that differences in people are more than the voice they speak or the shade of their skin.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 30

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The kids loved it and so did I. There's nothing out there quite like it!