Princess Tiffany: Adventures On The Farm

By   Amber M. O'Hara
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Tiffany is a princess.

Or at least, that's what she believes! 

Born in England, spoiled and pampered, this yorkie pup is in for a culture shock when she moves to a farm in Minnesota. 

Unimpressed by her surroundings and missing the city, she won't even give the farm a chance. She is a princess, after all, and princesses don't play in the mud.

She is determined to stay inside to have people wait on her... 

Until one day, she is taken on an adventure after her humans insist she goes outside. Forced to see the farm from a different perspective, will she come to appreciate all it has to offer?

About the Author

Amber M. O'Hara's life is filled with wonderful travel, a passion her parents instilled in her life at a young age as they went camping from southern Minnesota through Canada to Alaska. She still has vivid and wonderful memories of the mountains and wildlife, and the culture of the Native Alaskans. 

O'Hara uses travel as a learning tool. When she was 14, her father transferred jobs from rural Minnesota to the city of Boulder, Colorado. The differences from a small rural community to a college town were vast, and only increased O'Hara's passion for exploration. An avid photographer and acrylic artist, she uses her travel photos as inspiration for her paintings. 

After a career spanning 30 years, O'Hara retired and started pet sitting, which inspired Princess Tiffany: Adventures on the Farm. There are so many beautiful loving animals to care for while their families are away. Each pet has their own unique personality, which she hopes to have captured in Tiffany. Look for more of Princess Tiffany and her Adventures!

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 30

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James Edwin Ward
A different perspective

I really enjoy reading Princess Tiffany to my granddaughter. The way this small dog approaches life and its diversities is pure and innocent.