Primary Sources For Ancient History: Volume Ii

By Gary Forsythe
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Primary Sources for Ancient History Volume II: The Roman World

The Roman Empire lasted for more than a millennia. From a small city it grew to encompass almost 1.7 million miles. It’s innovations in warfare, politics, and the arts continue to influence the Western world.

Primary Sources for Ancient History: Volume II: The Roman World is a comprehensive selection of ancient writings to supplement a narrative history. Arranged both chronologically and thematically, this work shows how the Empire was shaped by the thoughts, religions, and systems of the people it conquered. These documents show how a variety of Romans examined the rights of the individual against the government, economic disparity, political scandals, multiculturalism - issues we continue to face today.

Beginning with Plutarch’s retelling of the mythological founding of the Roman Kingdom to the Republic expansion, to the consolidation of later emperors, and the final dissolution from Germanic invasions, this is a comprehensive overview of the history and culture of the Roman Empire. While emphasis is placed on the writings of classic historians such as Livy, Josephus, Marcellinus, and more, the collection is enriched with a variety of contemporary documents. Cicero’s gossipy letters, political graffiti, and funeral eulogies allow life in the Empire to come across in a fresh and contemporary way.

The Roman World is a valuable resource that shows not only how we have come to understand the Roman Empire, but how the Roman Empire viewed and defined itself.

Primary Sources for Ancient History Volume II: The Roman World by Gary Forsythe was reviewed by Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Published: 2017
Page Count: 506