Pride’S Pride

By Arthurine B. Saunders
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This is a story about love and family, courage and inspiration. Mohancho is the head of a pride of lions. He is very majestic and noble and is respected and admired by the entire pride. When a pack of hyenas threatens the food supply, as well as the safety of the lion cubs, Mohancho must do something about it. Intelligent and brave though he is, he must overcome fears of his own because, as a cub, he lost his mother to a pack of hyenas. He gains inspiration and courage remembering his mothers kind words and lessons, as well as brave Tumbro, who had taken him into his own pride. He knows he must use the intelligence and cunning to deal with the marauding hyenas.

About the Author

Arthurine B. Saunders was born in Vickesburg, Mississippi, and raised in Chicago, where she continues to work as a licensed practical nurse. For the past several years, she has maintained a home in Puerto Rico. Ms. Saunders loves children and storytelling. Her father, a great storyteller himself, was her inspiration to write Prides Pride. In her own words, I love children and enjoy entering for a moment into their world of imagination.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 42