Pressed For Time Of The Third Part

By Wessall Patrick Longlly
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Merrily strolling through life as the consummate scammer, a counterfeiter, William Brian Jennings is determined only to make a comfortable life for his family and himself. However, when he is busted by the feds and ultimately incarcerated, he uncovers a treasonous plot being perpetrated by the very same people sworn to uphold the law that reaches to the highest levels of government and even into the White House! He finds himself Pressed for Time as the feds attempt to frame him in a myriad of ways, then harass, threaten, and try to intimidate him into giving up the information they require. All the while, he is playing their game, but by his rule, secretly laughing at their inept and bungling attempts to convict him of the very crimes of which they themselves are guilty. Fast-paced, twisted, and bizarre, this is a story about sex, drugs, and rotten government. Wessal Patrick Longlly blows the covers off the dark and nefarious doings of our own government.

About the Author

Calling himself a "professional pain in the governmental ass" while claiming to be the last free American, an adventurer, and a political activist, Wessal Patrick Longlly (the pen name of William Brian Jennings) makes his home on his vintage motor yacht, Adventure II, off the California coast, from where he creates his incredible adventures that are based in reality.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 152