Precious Jewel

By Lisa Chablis Gardner
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Despite his miraculous conception, Julian Phalan Parr, known to friends and family alike as Precious Jewel, was born a sickly child who suffered heartache because of his illness: his father abandoned him and his mother turned to alcohol for comfort. He suffers from inexplicable attacks on his nervous system and has become cold and withdrawn. As he makes his way in the world alone, he is determined to become a rock star and sets about securing a career in the music industry with single-minded behavior. He doesnt care who or what gets in his way, trampling on many toes in the process and ultimately endangering himself and his success as Precious Jewel. However, love comes to his rescueif only its not too late.

About the Author

With an associates degree in Child Care Technology and certificates in business and freelance writing, Lisa Chablis Gardner presently makes her home in Lincoln Park, Michigan, where she is self-employed as a freelance writer, as well as continuing her education. She has been a member of Private Citizens 4, an Exciting Community, since 1985, and in her spare time enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and songs, as well as English studies and politics.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 176