Porch Thoughts

By Jacqueline L. Mohr
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Porch Thoughts is a compilation of stories ranging from dramas, fiction, and real-life anecdotes that are both heart-warming and laugh-out-loud hilarious. It is a book that will leave you feeling like you’ve just come home. A book for when nostalgia strikes, Porch Thoughts has a little something for everyone to read, enjoy, and cherish.

About the Author

Jacqueline L. Mohr was given up for adoption as an infant and placed in the loving home of a pastor and his wife. Along with her other adopted siblings, she was brought up to believe that they were truly family—even if bloodlines told otherwise. Her small-town lifestyle overflowed with dreams, goals, and achievements. Mohr has endured many hardships in her life, but they have only made her stronger and the person she is today.

She feels a particular kinship with the elderly, and she and her husband have even created a Senior Citizen Banquet (consisting of a dinner and live comedy show) for their area’s seniors. There is nothing more rewarding for her than to hear the laughter of her friends. She has never learned more than while sitting at the feet of the elderly.

Mohr and her husband love to remodel and spruce up old houses. They have both worked with the public through jobs, church, and social functions. They both enjoy that break life gives them when they take their little retreat out to their beloved back porch to clear their minds, relax, and think about times of long ago.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 62