Ponce's Primer Handbook For Quality Life Maximization

By John E. Richardson
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Recently retired and enjoying increased personal time, Ponce reflected on the reasons so many of his contemporaries had either passed away, or were experiencing less than the “golden years” they had expected. Ponce (the surrogate narrator that author John E. Richardson created to present the primer, based upon his own his life experiences) organized his observations and conclusions into this handbook, to assist individuals - of all ages – to successfully navigate through the obstacles they will encounter in pursuing quality life experiences… and maximizing them. 

About the Author

Responding to the COVID pandemic, Ponce updated his diet to STRENGTHEN his IMMUNE SYSTEM - increasing it’s nutritional (VITAMINS & MINERALS) values. In addition to improving the HEALTH PROTECTION & ENHANCEMENT aspects of his diet, Ponce designed his meals to be SIMPLE to make, DELICIOUS, and AFFORDABLE.

It is hoped that the INCREASED DISEASE RESISTENCE resulting from a STRENGTHENED IMMUNE SYSTEM, used in conjunction with the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE hygienic procedure (H.P. KILLS GERMS, BACTERIA & most VIRUSES) - along with standard preventative procedures… will INCREASE PROTECTION from COVID-19, until vaccines are distributed – and for individuals that decline inoculation. 

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32