Politics And Economics Of The Insurgence In Bahrain

By Vladimir E. Remmer
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Most of the contemporary work pertaining religious-sectarian conflict is focused on insurgents driven by socio-economic and political grievances. In Politics and Economics of the Insurgence in Bahrain, Vladmir E. Remmer analyzes the political economy of religious-sectarian intra-state conflict in connection to contemporary theory of Instruments of National Power. This approach provides valuable insight on legitimization, mobilization, and operationalization of the indigenous surrogate force where nation-states and non-state actors compete for influence over target audiences for the opportunity to advance ideological and economic interests.

In search for answers to nature and persistence of the conflict, Remmer reviews organizational structure and legitimacy. He dissects pertinent economic, political, and ethno-anthropological causes.

Throughout the process, the author strongly emphasizes the Shiite community as an innocent victim of predation by an agent engaged in a political-ideological act of state-capture. The conflict mitigation recommendations evolve from discussion of select instruments of national power as a case appropriate artifice targeting root-cause of the insurgence.

About the Author

Vladimir E. Remmer is The Daily Caller opinion contributor; he holds advanced degrees in Chemical Engineering and Political Science. As a government contractor and in private capacity, he harvested and analyzed open source intelligence pertaining to political violence movements, economic targeting, and energy security. He traveled through Europe and Middle East where he conducted research involving numerous interviews in the field pertaining to his professional interests.

Remmer volunteers his time to lecture on conflict mitigation, counter-terrorism, and international relations.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 196