Poems, Read And Relax

By Mother Johnson
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Poems, Read and Relax

Mother Johnson uses this unique collection of poetry to explore faith, family, and the beauty of everyday life. Her reflections and observations of relationships repeatedly challenge us to draw closer to God in faith. Affirming her belief in prayer as the path to faith, wisdom, love, hope, and patience in such poems as Remember, Mother Johnson directs attention to the spiritual aspects of family, home, and daily life. She also draws on nature for inspirations, as can be seen in the imagery of Timely.

Poems, Read and Relax employs the beauty of poetic language to reflect on the possibilities for peace and love on the journey toward our heavenly home.

About the Author:

Mother Johnson is a high school graduate who has continued to learn throughout her life. She attended the State University of New York at Buffalo and took a course in poetry, earning an A, and was named one of the collective editors for A Room of Our Own, from the Womens Workshop at SUNY Buffalo. Mother Johnson has received two Silver Poet Awards and three Awards of Merit Certificates. She is also a certified nursing assistant, and although she always wanted to receive a college degree, she feels God had a will and purpose for her to marry Rev. Velpo Johnson Jr. and to have a family. Together, they raised four children.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 72