Planning For Organizational Success: A Leadership Guide To Achieving Success With A Plan

By Dr. Richard D. Schooler
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Planning for Organizational Success: A Leadership Guide to Achieving Success with a Plan provides an in-depth and unique look at organizational strategic planning. Dr. Richard D. Schooler uses his extensive experience as a health care executive to take the reader through a step by step process that emphasizes not just how to write a plan, but how to achieve success with a plan. The critical dynamics of leadership, culture, collaboration, and finance, along with plan adaptability and sustainability are presented in a practical and proven model designed to achieve real-world success.

Dr. Schooler urges the reader to never lose sight of mission, vision, and values and demonstrates how they serve as a foundation for any well-constructed plan. His planning model provides a platform for collaboration, leadership development, and a culture of accountability. This book is a must-read for any future executive in todays business climate.

About the Author

After a successful 20 year career practicing obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Schooler transitioned to the business side of the health care industry in 2004 as a medical director. In the years that followed he served as Chief Medical Officer and then became Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of a large health care system in the Midwest.

Dr. Schooler wants to use his experiences as a proven leader to direct others toward similar success and leave his imprint on a subject he is truly passionate about. He believes his multi-step model to plan execution and success can lead any organization through trials and tribulations, just as he has done in his professional career.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 58