Photosynthesis Catalyst Of Life: Questions Answered For Applying L.E.D.S To Grow Light Systems

By Marvin Ira Miller
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Photosynthesis Catalyst of Life

When L.E.D. came on the market, author Marvin Ira Miller was involved with indoor operations dealing with producing medical plants. Quickly it became apparent to apply them properly. He had to have an understanding of what light is and what photosynthesis is. After a month of research it seemed nobody seemed to know and as for light, it all depends on who you talk to. Science has branched off so many directions. Their language has gotten to the point that if you ask a physicist, a chemist and a biologist to describe how to boil a cup of water they will all end up with a 20 page formula filled with hundred dollar words. They will pass their paper to the right and they all sit there quietly, pretending like they knew what the other scientist was saying. Then you walk in and grab a cup, fill it with water, throw it in the microwave for a minute and turn to see them glaring at you. Its no wonder with photosynthesis you have to have an understanding of a number of different fields and how they fit together.

Millers background is more in engineering. If there was a room filled with equipment where you put this in here that comes out there, he was the one they called when everyone else was scared to go in. As with everything else complicated in life, break it down to its simplest components and it becomes easy when you never use the word cant.

This book is meant to pass on what Miller discovered and tell it in a way the guy who put the cup in the microwave could understand. The goals are simple. First is to leave you with a comprehension of light, since there are many other areas its properties can be applied. Second is to give you the knowledge of what photosynthesis is and use words the rest of us people without all the big words understand. Once you have an understanding of these two things, by the end of the book you will start to understand the true value of L.E.D. systems besides power savings.

By knowing desired outcomes and chemical makeup you will see the ability to alter the chemical direction for things such as color, taste, smell, or pharmaceutical direction just by adding or subtracting different frequency combinations. And, finally, when a light salesman comes up to you and says for five dollars more you can get this lamp because it has 50 more lux you can look at him laughing and say what does that have to do with growing plants. Marvin Ira Miller hates sales people.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 104